Rent Vehicle

All vehicles must be dropped back to agreed location, unless otherwise prearranged for pickup from another designated location. If different arrangements need to be made. Please contact our office at +1-857-289-8260 to notify and confirm with an agent.

If you’re running late, there is a $100 late fee if car is brought more than 2 hours after your designated return time, however we understand that life happens and we are lenient. If you are running late please contact our office as soon as possible to notify of time change.

If you get into an accident, the first thing to do is call emergency services, after emergency services are contacted please notify Lucayan Office at +1-857-289-8260

If you know that you want to extend, you must extend before your rental period is over. All extensions are based on availability.For extension please call the rental office at +1-857-289-8260


 Contact us for our various location +1-857-289-8260 for directions or look up our location via GPS.

Our cars are checked on a regular basis to maintain a high quality experience, however under the unlikely and unfortunate event of a mechanical issue please contact your rental assistant as soon as possible, we will either fix the issue or exchange the vehicle (Based on the circumstance)

Rentals are on a 24-hour basis, starting from the reserved pick-up date and time.

Sorry we exclude pick up or vehicle drop off services to the airport (LPIA) due to uncertainty with arrival times or flight delays. However upon return of your rental car to our office we offer transportation back to the airport for a small fee that is less than taxi fare.